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The future of commuting to work has finally arrived! The new Fifield electric bicycle has the look and feel of your classic bicycle but with a brand new electric twist.Electric bikes ride just like regular bicycles, but also have a pedal assist feature that makes riding easy and energizing instead of tiring and stressful. Electric bikes have an electric motor and battery that help riders maneuver hills easily, travel longer distances, or keep up with the pace of a faster riding buddy. This is perfect for someone who is trying to remain healthy and independent regardless of whether they have weak knees, hip problems, or are just not as physically fit as they used to be.We are offering this bike at a closeout price and even below our own costs! Our office is located in Hingham, MA and we encourage you to come by for a test ride to see for yourself why the e-bike is perfect for you.On a Fifield e-bike you can have fun biking, save money on any trip, and still not have to worry about being exhausted! Whether you're using the pedal assist features to make steep hills feel like flat land or twisting the throttle just to enjoy the ride, a Fifield e-bike is always the most cost-effective and fun way to travel!.